Why Does Custom USB Is one of the Best Promotional Products

Best Promotional Gift Option

There a wide range of Promotional Gifts that any company can customize as part of their promotional gift campaign. Therefore it is important to customize 1 that can last 1 good lasting impression and allows the user to keep it for his daily errands.

Products that are bulky and Toyish are not the practical gifts that one can customize as the end user would usually chuck it at their home or office leaving it to collect dust.

Moving a step ahead, customize Products with batteries is 1 point that you should take note. Most executives would customize the items would leave it in their warehouse or storage. However electronic products do have a life with them. Hence it is important to timely produce your items diligently in time for your event or campaign .

Custom USB are one of the best customized gifts because they do not contain any batteries or power storage in its product. Therefore the lifespan of the product is extremely long and good to keep . In addition, they are extremely small and light to keep it in their own bags and pocket and allow them to use it anytime they need.

They would help transferring of data during offline and times with no network. They can go as high as up to 128 GB and also as fast as USB3.0 .
With over 100 over types and models of USBs, it is catered to different market segments and audience.

There are also different criteria’s and guidelines to take note when selecting a USBs. We have outline them in pointer form which makes it easier for you to digest and take back. However different USBs are customized base on your requirements as there is no standard and perfect formula for all.

Size : Most companies usually go for a Sleek and Slim size for seasoned customers and guests. Most people comes to events and shows without their bags . Therefore it is important not to customize a bulky gift as most companies would go for the slimmest size and the easiest model that allows people to carry on the go.

Material : There are a wide range of USBs ranging from wooden, metal , plastic to leather. Therefore you have to understand who is your targeted recipient as different materials are catered towards difference audience. A Leather USB would appeal more towards the Men as most man likes to carry leather product such as Leather wallets, Keychains and Bags. Metallic USB would be appealing for a more generic audience as it is the strongest model for all to carry. Wooden USBs are more towards design studios as they carry a message.

Finishing : Even for Metallic USB , there are difference range from Being glossy, matte and original. DO bear in mind that Glossy would be classy but it is prone towards scratches and marks. Matt Model are much practical as they are more durable given its anti scratch and resistance material.

Packaging : Most customers would usually throw away the standard packaging as they have limited spaces and allowance to carry the packaging. It is OK to go without packaging , as a Clear Polybag would save you space and weight allowance. If you would want to appeal towards the audience , you can consider a Black gift Box or a Metallic Tin box which allows you to do another layer or branding onto the packaging.

Type 1 Promotional Gift :

Toyed Around Within a Few Hours and Chuck Aside

Type 2 Promotional Gift :

Being Passed To a Friend or Family Member

Type 3 Promotional Gift :

Keep it within self and use it on a Day to Day all round

Type 4 Promotional Gift

Impress the end user and Shares with their Fellow Colleagues