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Wired Headset

  • Weight:234g
  • Dimension:135 mm * 70 mm * 245 mm / 2.0m (Cord length)
  • Material:ABS Plastic, Silicon Rubber
  • Product Type:Wired Earphones
  • Packaging:Clear Plastic Box / Black Box / Metallic Tin / Pouch
  • Synopsis:Superior quality Headphones that comes in multiple colours. It has a built-in mic and volume control, allowing you to manage your music volume and pick up phone calls seamlessly. Adjustable to fit all head sizes. Customization can be done on the casing and the headphone itself.
  • Suitability: Seminar Gift, Client/ Business Partner Giveaway, Exclusive Event Giveaway/Internal Giveaway (Staff Welfare)


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