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Stylus Fan Pen WIth 650Mah Powerbank

  • This smooth matte metallic lightweight powerbank comes with a portable fan and a USB port for charging.
  • A Lightweight Portable Powerbank that comes with a stylus Fan and Clip .
  • Stylus Pen / Mini Fan with Pen Clip
  • 650 Mah Portable Powerbank
  • Direct Plug in USB Charge
  • Features:
    • Dimension : 160 x 14 mm ( 21g)
    • Experience : A Premium lightweight material pen where you can use the pens for premutation and meetings with the laser pointer.You can also use the pens in dark areas and brighten up in event when you need for dim areas.In addition, you can use the stylus pens onto mobile phones .
    • You can now use your powerbank and keep it inside your side pockets with its slim body properties.
    • A detachable fan for you to use the fan whenever you are hot and in need of fan.


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