6 in 1 Earphone Winder

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6 in 1 Earphone Winder

  • A 6 in 1 earphone keychain that come with a measuring type, torchlight and a mini phone stand for your daily activities.
  • Product Details :
    • Cord Keeper / Earphones
    • Measuring Type ( Cm + Inches )
    • Torchlight + Phone Stand
    • Keychain Design
    • With its cord keeper bone structure in the middle, you can keep your favourite earphones or cables in the keychain
    • You can place your phone on the device as a mini phone cinema experience.
    • It ha a retractable hidden measuring tape and a torchlight for your emergeny use.
    • With its keychain hook at the back, you can now carry this whenever and wherever you are.


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