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4500 MAH Powerbank Bluetooth Speaker with FM Radio

  • “A Heavy Durable & Portable 4500mah Powerbank that comes with speaker and other audio functions”
  • Weight:261 g
  • Dimension:136 mm * 65 mm * 32 mm
  • Material: Silicon Rubber, ABS Plastic
  • Product Type:Heavy Duty Powerbank
  • Packaging: Clear Plastic Box / Black Box / Metallic Tin / Pouch
  • Synopsis:4500 MAH Powerbank and Bluetooth Speaker both packed into one. It serves as a powerbank you to charge your phone for about 1.5 – 2 times. It has the function of FM radio and a built in torchlight. It is protected by a layer of silicon rubber, making it also dust-proofed and scratch-proofed.
  • Experience:Customers and people who are always on the move so they can listen to their favourite music and radio stations no matter where they are . In addition, they can use it as a portable powerbank charger to char their mobile and smart devices.
  • Suitability:Seminar Gift, Client/ Business Partner Giveaway, Exclusive Event Giveaway/Internal Giveaway (Staff Welfare)


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