4 in 1 Laser Pen

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4 in 1 Laser Pen

  • This Aluminium Premium lightweight
    4 in 1 personal tool pen that comes with a Stylus Pen , Writing Pen , LED Flashlight and a Red Laser Pointer
  • A Stainless Steel Pen that comes with 4 unique functions.
  • LED Torchlight / Laser Pointer / Ball Pen / Stylus Pen
  • Features:
    • Dimension : 130 x 12 mm ( 24 g )
    • Experience :A Premium lightweight material pen where you can use the pens for premutation and meetings with the laser pointer.You can also use the pens in dark areas and brighten up in event when you need for dim areas.In addition, you can use the stylus pens onto mobile phones .
    • This Pen is produced using one of the lightest and premium metallic aluminium material that is in glossy finishing.
    • With with a pen clip for you to clip onto your pocket.
    • With its laser pointer and Torch light, you can use it for your presentation and meeting

      A lightweight pen for many to keep and use.


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