3 in 1 Bottle Solar Powerbank Charger

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3 in 1 Bottle Solar Powerbank Charger

  • A Flexible waterbottle that comes with a solar panel on the top to power up the mini portable powerbank with its bottle.
  • Foldable Bottle / Solar Panel / 2300 Mah Powerbank
  • SOS Blinking Light / Normal Light
  • Features:
    • Weight : 220 Grams
    • Dimension : 180 x 75
    • Capacity : 700 ML
    • Material : Silicone
    • Experience : This is the best travelling tool for you to bring whilst travelling outdoors. You can now charge your devices with either the powerbank and charge the powerbank via the solar panels with th natural sunlight. With the built it LED Light, it serves as a SOS light and mini torchlight for walking , working and travelling in the dark.


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