Wooden USB

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Product Name : Rectangle – Type A
A Rectangle Wooden USB that bonds perfectly with a Rectangle wooden Casing. It is the most perfect and number 1 choice amongst Wooden USB
Measurements : 60.9 mm * 28.3 mm * 28.2 mm
Weight : 13 g
Branding Method : Engrave Silkscreen

Wooden Bottle

Product Name : Wooden bottle – Type E
This Message in a Bottle Usb is one of the most traditional USB to date .You can simple put in bits and pieces into the Jar and make it look stylish.Branding can be onto the Winecork or onto the Bottle itself.
Measurements : 55.6 mm * 29.7 mm * 28.7 mm
Weight : 20 g
Branding Method : Laser Engrave Silkscreen

Wooden Glass

Product Name : Wooden glass – Type F
This Wooden Glass USB is one of the most premium USB choice amongst all. It boast your LOGO with 3D internal engraving and laser engrave onto the wooden side. Your Logo will light up 5 different colours of your choice when you plug the USB into the port. Classy, Stylish and Sleek.
Measurements : 65.3 mm * 20.1 mm * 20.1 mm
Weight : 30 g
Branding Method : Laser Engrave Silkscreen