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4 Mode Round Interchangeable Universal Adaptor

  • One of the value of money travel adaptor to date for many users to buy and use.

Technical Specifications

Voltage: 100-240V (V)
Rated Current: 2.5A
Maximum load power: 600W
Material: PC + ABS + brass phosphor bronze
Colours : Standard Black
Special Casing Colours : White / Blue / Red
Weight : 115 Grams
USB Output : 5V / 500 mAmp

  • This rounded travel adaptor works like a transformer that switches its output with a simple slide of switches.
  • 1 Piece standalone travel adaptor that allows you to bring and use whenever you need.

4 Port USB Travel Adaptor

  • This 4 Port USB Travel adaptor allows you to plug in 4 electrical devices & smart phones whilst using your electrical products
  • Maximum input configurations allowed
  • 3.5 Amp Fast Charging
  • 4 USB output Port
  • Safetys Lock & Protections
  • With its safety lock & fuse protection, you do not need to worry about current leakage and short circuit.
  • With the 3.5 Amphere fast charging on the 4 port USB Hub, you can now charge 4 electrical devices without the worry on slow lethargic charging power.

4 slide horizontal swing Travel Adaptor

  • This portable travel adaptor has 4 individual sliding configurations with 2 portable fuses and 2 USB ports for your travel use.
  • Maximum input configurations allowed
  • 2600 Mah Powerbank
  • Flashlight Function / Digital Portable Weighing Scale
  • With its 4 Individual sliding settings, it protects you from any form or safety leakage and dangerous stuff.
  • You can now charge both of your phones and use your hair dryer at the same time with this travel adaptor.
  • With its build in use and stand by fuse, you are sure to use this travel adaptor for a long time to go.

Portable Square Dual USB Adaptor

  • The most cost effective compact travel adaptor that comes with 2 USB port and all that you need.

Technical Specifications

Voltage: 110-240V (V)
AC Max : 6 A / 250 V / 50-60hz
USB Rating : 500 – 1000 mAmp / 5V dc
Colours : Standard Black / White
Material: PC + ABS + brass phosphor bronze + Silicone
Weight : 106 Grams
Dimension : 65 x 45 x 55 mm
USB Output : 5V / 1A for 1st Port 2A for the 2nd Port

  • With its 2 USB port and a light up signal on the top, it tells you if the device is charging and powering up.
  • It uses one of the most user friendly setting with 1 button that switches to 4 different international settings.
  • You can use both the USB and the input power at the same time with this travel adaptor.

Premium class 4 slide travel adaptor

  • This Travel adaptor comes with 3 unique international configurations and equipped with 2 USB Ports that doesn’t hinders the Electrical device on the front.
  • 8 Different Unique input configurations
  • 2 Safety Fuses – 1 For Backup
  • Fast USB 2.5 Amp charging
  • Dimension:63 X 55 X 60 MM
  • Material:ABS + Copper