Luggage Gadgets

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3 in 1 Luggage Belt

  • This 3 in 1 Luggage Scale allows your Weighs and lock your luggage with TSA and securing with its durable belt.
  • Features:
    • TSA Lock / Luggage Belt
    • Digital Weighing Scale ( KG or Pounds )
    • You do not need to worry about others opening your luggage from now on with this 3 in 1 luggage belt.
    • This product solves your problem about bringing another additional weighing scale on board your flight.
    • This TSA locks comes with a colour indicator that comes you whether the customs officer has open your luggages.

3 in 1 Luggage Scale With Powerbank

  • This Luggage scale is a personal tool comes with a portable lightweight power bank ability and a flashlight for you to use in dark areas.
  • Features:
    • 2600 Mah Powerbank
    • Flashlight Function / Digital Portable Weighing Scale
    • You can now weigh your items in night with its backlight led without worrying about battery as well.
    • Charge your phones and weigh your luggage has never become that difficult from now on.
    • With this 3 functions, you can charge, weight and light up your life.

4 Port 5 Amp Power Travel Adaptor

  • A Powerful 5 Ampere 4 USB port Charging that comes with Smart IC Charging that detects the larger current required for charging
  • Comes with 4 Individual International settings to protect the leakage of current
  • Allows you to plug in 8 different unique input configurations into the adaptor
  • Features:
    • Weight : 140 Grams
    • Dimension : 70 x 52 x 63
  • This is one of the safest and most powerful Travel adaptor that anyone can use for travelling. With this adaptor, it take care of you and your family as well

5 in 1 Luggage Scale Powerbank Light

This is the answer for your powerbank, luggage scale integrating everything you need for your travel essentials

  • Luggage Scale With Backlight ( KG & Pounds )
  • Ruler with Inches and CM
  • Portable LED Flash Light
  • Portable Battery Powerbank ( 2600 Mah )
  • Temperature ( Degree & Farenheit )

Aluminium Metallic Luggage Scale

  • A Portable Light weight weighing scale that measures your luggage bags in different units.
  • Comes in a various range of colours.

LED BackLight Luggage Scale

  • A Durable digital luggage weighing scales that comes in different unit measurements and a supporting backlight
  • You can use the luggage scale at night and at dark areas when the LED Backlight.