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2 Fuse International Travel Adaptor

Product Description:

  • Rated input: 100-240 VAC
  • Maximum power: 660W-110V/1350W-220V
  • Regular colors: black, white, red, green, blue, yellow, purple, grey, orange, pink
  • Battery Spec.: 3.7V 40 mAh
  • Pin type: British / US / European / Australian
  • Dual USB output: 5V/2100mAh
  • Replaceable 6A fuse
  • 2 year warranty

3 in 1 Luggage Belt

  • This 3 in 1 Luggage Scale allows your Weighs and lock your luggage with TSA and securing with its durable belt.
  • Features:
    • TSA Lock / Luggage Belt
    • Digital Weighing Scale ( KG or Pounds )
    • You do not need to worry about others opening your luggage from now on with this 3 in 1 luggage belt.
    • This product solves your problem about bringing another additional weighing scale on board your flight.
    • This TSA locks comes with a colour indicator that comes you whether the customs officer has open your luggages.

3 in 1 Luggage Scale With Powerbank

  • This Luggage scale is a personal tool comes with a portable lightweight power bank ability and a flashlight for you to use in dark areas.
  • Features:
    • 2600 Mah Powerbank
    • Flashlight Function / Digital Portable Weighing Scale
    • You can now weigh your items in night with its backlight led without worrying about battery as well.
    • Charge your phones and weigh your luggage has never become that difficult from now on.
    • With this 3 functions, you can charge, weight and light up your life.

4 Mode Round Interchangeable Universal Adaptor

  • One of the value of money travel adaptor to date for many users to buy and use.

Technical Specifications

Voltage: 100-240V (V)
Rated Current: 2.5A
Maximum load power: 600W
Material: PC + ABS + brass phosphor bronze
Colours : Standard Black
Special Casing Colours : White / Blue / Red
Weight : 115 Grams
USB Output : 5V / 500 mAmp

  • This rounded travel adaptor works like a transformer that switches its output with a simple slide of switches.
  • 1 Piece standalone travel adaptor that allows you to bring and use whenever you need.

4 Output Light up Logo Travel Adaptor

Product Description:

  • LED Light up Logo On the Travel Adaptor
  • USB Output Power of 5 Amp/5 Volts
  • To be used to 150 Over Countries World Wide
  • 4 Individual Sliding Output Configurations
  • 150 Over International Countries
  • Safety Shutters
  • 2 X Safety Fuses
  • Polycarbonate Material
  • Rated input: 100-240 VAC
  • Maximum power: 880W-110V/1760W-220V
  • Regular colors: black, white, red, green, blue, yellow, purple, grey, orange, pink
  • Pin type: British / US / European / Australian
  • Dual USB output: 5V/4800mA
  • Replaceable 8A fuse
  • 2 year warranty

4 Port 5 Amp Power Travel Adaptor

  • A Powerful 5 Ampere 4 USB port Charging that comes with Smart IC Charging that detects the larger current required for charging
  • Comes with 4 Individual International settings to protect the leakage of current
  • Allows you to plug in 8 different unique input configurations into the adaptor
  • Features:
    • Weight : 140 Grams
    • Dimension : 70 x 52 x 63
  • This is one of the safest and most powerful Travel adaptor that anyone can use for travelling. With this adaptor, it take care of you and your family as well

4 Port USB Travel Adaptor

  • This 4 Port USB Travel adaptor allows you to plug in 4 electrical devices & smart phones whilst using your electrical products
  • Maximum input configurations allowed
  • 3.5 Amp Fast Charging
  • 4 USB output Port
  • Safetys Lock & Protections
  • With its safety lock & fuse protection, you do not need to worry about current leakage and short circuit.
  • With the 3.5 Amphere fast charging on the 4 port USB Hub, you can now charge 4 electrical devices without the worry on slow lethargic charging power.

4 slide horizontal swing Travel Adaptor

  • This portable travel adaptor has 4 individual sliding configurations with 2 portable fuses and 2 USB ports for your travel use.
  • Maximum input configurations allowed
  • 2600 Mah Powerbank
  • Flashlight Function / Digital Portable Weighing Scale
  • With its 4 Individual sliding settings, it protects you from any form or safety leakage and dangerous stuff.
  • You can now charge both of your phones and use your hair dryer at the same time with this travel adaptor.
  • With its build in use and stand by fuse, you are sure to use this travel adaptor for a long time to go.

5 in 1 Luggage Scale Powerbank Light

This is the answer for your powerbank, luggage scale integrating everything you need for your travel essentials

  • Luggage Scale With Backlight ( KG & Pounds )
  • Ruler with Inches and CM
  • Portable LED Flash Light
  • Portable Battery Powerbank ( 2600 Mah )
  • Temperature ( Degree & Farenheit )

Aluminium Metallic Luggage Scale

  • A Portable Light weight weighing scale that measures your luggage bags in different units.
  • Comes in a various range of colours.

Anti RFID Leather Money Clip

Product description:

  • INFORMATION SECURITY: Money clip with RFID blocking function prevents personal information being stolen when insert them into.( Access card, bankcard, credit card, ID card…)
  • SMALL AND HANDY: get rid of your bulky wallet(the bump of pocket is always clearly visiable); This wallet is slim enough to hold it in palms and could be simply put in front pocket for being accessed quickly at any time. It even doesn’t take up too much space in a small bag.
  • LARGER CAPACITY: real leather magnetic clip, magnet are strong engouh to hold 9 piece cash more or less(fold them in half). By spectical process, another side magnetism has been weakened. This compact wallet very practical with 6 card slots and 1 receipt holder.
  • LEAVE BURDENS DOWN AND HANG OUT LIGHT: ideal for every day walking, trekking, hiking, fitness,jogging,sports…..

Anti RFID Leather Wallet

  • High-quality Full-grain Leather: The quality of the full-grain leather is fine, elastic, soft and comfortable touch feeling, excellent breathable performance, durable and anti-deformation, good anti-wear performance.
  • Anti RFID Scanning: It is inbuilt with anti RFID scanning material, which can protect your personal information from being scanned.
  • Big Capacity: 2 cash slots, 1 functional slot, 9 cards slots and 1 photo slots. It can definitely meet your demands.
  • Anti-wear Internal Trimmings: Special durable internal trimmings, guarantees the excellent quality of the purse.
  • Delicate Processed Edge: Fine and round corner and anti-wear craftsmanship.

With identity theft striking people all over the world, it’s more important than ever to protect your personal information.

Identity theft has been around as long as people have been willing to steal. The only difference today is that thieves are using technology to scan your credit and debit cards and steal your information without your wallet ever leaving your pocket.

That’s why you should be protecting your personal information with our RFID wallet, your financial stability, and credit score with an RFID Wallet from Travelambo.

Designed to block Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) signals from penetrating your wallet and scanning RFID chips located in your credit cards, debit cards, ID cards, your license, and other things you carry in your wallet, the Travelambo wallet offers security and privacy at a premium.

Think about this: without an RFID wallet, today’s digital thieves can buy a digital reader off the internet for less than $100 and easily steal your personal information and bank account numbers to make unauthorized purchase-and they never have to touch you.

Protect yourself from digital pickpockets with a handsome, genuine leather wallet that also blocks RFID signals. Get the Travelambo RFID Blocking Wallet today and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with it.

Features and benefits:

  • Premium, genuine leather
  • Blocks RFID signals
  • Offers 9 card slots, one top slot and one clear ID window
  • Slim, lightweight and black

Anti RFID Leather Wallet Card

  • Able to Hold up to 12 Cards and Bank Notes
  • Made with Aluminium and Leather
  • 16 mm Thin for user to slide into Back Pocket
  • Sliding Card Mechanism

Anti RFID Neck Pouch Passport HOlder

  • Waterproof Nylon with Breathable Mesh comfort Material
  • 3 Zippered Pockets in the front
  • 1 Back Breathable Mesh Pocket
  • Conceal Storage for your valuables and credit cards
  • Adjustable Neck Strap ( 70 – 140 cm )

Anti RFID Waist Pouch

  • 29 CM Long with 14 Cm width
  • Inner Pocket with 4 Card Holder
  • Outer Pocket for Cash and Loose changes
  • Adjustable Waist Length
  • Detachable Pouch for Easy use

Anti RFID Zipped Pouch

  • 9 Card Slots with 4 Zipped Pockets
  • Features:
    • Dimension : 12 X 9 X 4 cm
    • Weight : 120 Gram

Product Features:

  • With RFID Material: Made of top quality cow leather,soft and strong. hardware organizer, zipper around to keep all inside safe With multifunction pockets, zipper clutch bifold, which can hold coin, photo, cash, card.
  • Easy access ID window, can be used as differenrt occasion. Multi-layer design offers you small looking, but more and large capacity
    Eco-friendly durable long-lasting, casual fashionable life style, suitable for daily using.
  • Vintage classic style design, you can scratch any pattern you like, wipe it by fingernail. Is a great gift for your friend and family.