Travel Accesories

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Aluminium Metallic Luggage Scale

  • A Portable Light weight weighing scale that measures your luggage bags in different units.
  • Comes in a various range of colours.

Custom SHape Luggage Tag

  • A Custom Shape or a 2D Image Silicone Elastic Luggage or Bag Tag that comes with easy tag on button
  • You can Tag your bag tags onto your bags, luggage’s and other personal belongings
  • You don’t not need to worry about losing about your bags from now on as they can identify your belongings from now on.
  • Lightweight and Durable.
  • This luggage tag will not be broken with it elastic & durable abilities

Leather Luggage Tag

  • A Lightweight PU Leather Luggage Tag that comes with a detachable name tag with your debossed logo
  • Material :PU Leather
  • Logo Branding :Deboss
  • Designs :Comes in various designs.
  • You can now customize your own premium PU Leather Luggage tag for your clients who travel very often.

LED BackLight Luggage Scale

  • A Durable digital luggage weighing scales that comes in different unit measurements and a supporting backlight
  • You can use the luggage scale at night and at dark areas when the LED Backlight.

Luggage Protector Cover

  • A Stretchable and washable Luggage cover that comes in various sizes to fits your luggage cover.
  • Dust Proof and light weight for easy maintenance and storage.
  • Water Resistance and washable
  • 85% Polyester and 15 % Spandex
  • You don’t not need to worry about your dirty, dented and scratched luggage from now on from this elastic cover.