Light Tier Powerbanks

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3000Mah Stylus with Pen Power bank

  • “A solid durable Power bank Pen which allows you to charge your devices and write with both of the stylus and writing pen”
  • Writing Ball Pen / Stylus Pen
  • 3000Mah Power bank for Both Apple and Android
  • Material:159 x 14
  • Suitability: Aluminium Alloy + Metal
  • Experience :
    • For convenience and practicial purposes, this power bank is targeted towards people who uses phones most of the times and has trouble finding pens at time for his own personal use.
    • It is to solve 3 problems into a multi functional Pen as 1 product .

Bag Strap Key Chain 3000Mah Power bank


  • “A Leather Coated 3000mah portable power bank that is targeted for people who carries their bag often on the go. It comes with a built in cable for users to charge on the go”
  • Dimension:110 X 32 X 22 mm
  • Material:ABS
  • Weight: 75 Grams
  • Experience:
    • Great for Ladies who can charge their mobile devices while shopping and on the move anytime where they are..
    • They are now charge their devices at the comfort of their phones inside their bag while shopping with much ease and pleasure.
    • It is also a fashionable statement and tool to bring the powerbank that blends with your appearance as well.

Card Case Powerbank

  • “An Exquisite Looking premium aluminium namecard holder that allows you to slot in your namecard with style and class . Build with a powerbank capacity of 2500mah which allows you to charge your phones for emergency use when your phones failed on you “
  • Dimension:98 x 60 x 13 MM
  • Material:ABS + Metal
  • Capacity:2500 Mah
  • Experience:
    • Great for business people who collect and distributes name cards often and uses smart devices as often as they give out name cards.
    • This is the new trend and era of giving and collecting name cards in this generation.

Credit Card Style Powerbank

  • “A 2600 Mah or 4000Mah Credit card Style which come with built In charging cables for apple and android.”
  • Built in Cable for Android & Cable
  • Comes in Either 2600 Mah or 4000 Mah
  • Portable and Slim Size 
  • Experience :
    • Marketers who would want to print a full image for branding and marketing purposes.
    • This Powerbank is targeted towards all phone users as it comes with a built it cable for android and apple.
    • With it lightweight, the user can carry the powerbank effortlessly in their pocket and wallet.
    • The thickness has been so thin which allows them to slot into their back pockets and pouches.

Rubiks Cube 2600mah Powerbank

  • “A 1 Column 4 Rows Rubik Cube that allows your company to brand 4 different areas of branding.This 2600Mah Rubik Cube Powerbank allows you to twist and rotate the 4 different rows while charging your phones .”
  • Twist the Block of the Powerbank
  • Capacity:2600 Mah
  • Dimensions: 104 x 25 x 25 mm
  • Experience:
    • Highly recommended for marketers who wants to launch a theme or series of products.
    • This is eye catchy premium where your customers will sure be impressed at the 1st sight and a wonderful tool for ice breaker for more business negotiations .
    • A Premium gift to display and catches the eye of your customer.

Rubiks Cube 4000Mah Flat Powerbank

  • “A 3 by 3 Rubik Cube Powerbank which can charge about 1.5 times of your smart devices now.
    You can now brand your products and services on the 2 sides of the powerbank.”
  • Full Colour Printing / Branding
  • Capacity:4000 Mah
  • Dimensions: 89 x 89 x 12 mm
  • Experience :
    • A more premium way of doing a full image printing onto a rubik cube powerbank
    • This is a great tool to display this premium at your showcase offices and exhibitions which can appeal and draw attention to your clients at the first sight.
    • A more practical and powerful powerbank for full image branding with your comoay.