Multifuntion Wallet Card

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Multifunction Wallet Card

  • A 9 in 1 Multi function metallic card which is great for people on the go.
  • Product Details :
    • This Durable Metallic Card comprises of 10 Over functions
      • Screw Driver
      • Bottle & Can Opener
      • Cell Phone Stand
      • Fruit Peeler
      • Nail Puller
      • Rule in Cm & Inches
      • Hex Wrench
      • Nail Puller
      • Letter Opener
      • Carton Box Cutter
      • You can now open your letters and carton boxes with this metallic card.
      • You can also open nails and screws with this metallic card from now on.
      • With the measuring ruler, the users can use it to draw and measure for their work.
      • Lastly they can also open bottles and cans with this metallic card.