Multi Functional Tools

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5 in 1 Laser Pen

  • Weight : 29g
  • Size :15cm (L) x 1cm (Dia) / Extended Length : 45cm
  • Materials: Metal
  • Battery Type: 3 x LR41 Batteries Cell (included)
  • Max Power Output: < 5mW
  • Function: Metal Ball Pen, LED Light, Laser Light, UV ray for counterfeit money detector, Extendable head, Screw driver
  • Remarks :

7 in 1 MultiFunction Pen

  • The best multifunctional durable pen that comes with a screwdriver in 2 manners, a measuring ruler, a stylus pen
    And a lever gauge.
  • Product Details :
    • This Engineer Pen made of Durable Metal has 7 functions in 1 Pen
      • Stylus Pen
      • Anti Slip Writing Pen
      • Cm & Inches Ruler
      • Lever Measure Gauge
      • Cross & Flat Screw Driver
      • They can now measure the small items in 2 different units with inches and CM .
      • With the lever gauge, the user can see if the table or floor is balanced with the bubble in the middle.
      • The stylus pen and writing pen makes it more personalize than ever.
      • Lastly with its hidden screwdriver of flat and Philip, user can place the cap onto the pen area to make it into a portable screwdriver.

Fidget Cube

  • A Smart portable Fidget cube for people who loves to fidget around during meetings and conferences
  • Product Details :
    • The Cube that allows you to fidget and play with it
    • Aims to reduces Stress and Induce Productivity
    • This is a great tool for people with anxiety disorder which calms them during quiet and stress situations
    • With the 6 different things to do , the users will be able to increase its creativity and inject it for his work and daily lifestyle.

Multifunction Wallet Card

  • A 9 in 1 Multi function metallic card which is great for people on the go.
  • Product Details :
    • This Durable Metallic Card comprises of 10 Over functions
      • Screw Driver
      • Bottle & Can Opener
      • Cell Phone Stand
      • Fruit Peeler
      • Nail Puller
      • Rule in Cm & Inches
      • Hex Wrench
      • Nail Puller
      • Letter Opener
      • Carton Box Cutter
      • You can now open your letters and carton boxes with this metallic card.
      • You can also open nails and screws with this metallic card from now on.
      • With the measuring ruler, the users can use it to draw and measure for their work.
      • Lastly they can also open bottles and cans with this metallic card.

Smart Table Clip Holder

  • A Smart Clip Holder that can hold your phone and cups onto your table and chairs.
  • Product Details :
    • A Clip Holder that can hold onto the end of your table and becomes a Smart Space
      • Holds Stationaries and Phones
      • Cups, bottle & Mugs Holder
      • A great extendable working spaces work smart and tight working areas.
      • You can now charge your phone with a small hold in the middle of the holder for your cable to go through.
      • With its large structure mechanism, it can firmly hold your cup of drink onto your table .
      • You can charge your phone or put your drink beside your favourite chair whilst watching your TV.