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2000 Mah Powerbank Fan

  • A Premium Metallic Material Portable Powerbank that comes with a sturdy powerful Fan.
  • Durable Matte Aluminium Material
  • Mini Fan with 2000 Mah Powerbank
  • Features:
    • Dimension : 148 x 20 mm ( 100 g )
    • Experience : The answer to low battery & hot temperature.This is the perfect answer to charging your mobile devices and cooling yourself down.Portable, Handy , Practical & Useful

3 in 1 Breeze Fan Pen

  • A Portable Fan with comes with the Pen for your paper and Phone
  • Breeze Fan / Stylus Pen / Writing Pen
  • Features:
    • Dimension : 1562 x 13 mm
    • Weight : 40 Gram
    • Experience : A Portable lightweight Fan that allows you to ink onto your paper and write on your mobile devices with the stylus pen

3 in 1 Phone Stand Ruler Pen

  • A engineer Pen that you can use it to dock your phone as well as other practical useful task
  • Ball Point Pen / Stylus Pen / Inches + CM Ruler / Phone Stand
  • Features:
    • Dimension : 140 x 10 mm ( 30 g )
    • Experience : You can use this Ruler to measure your small items with 2 different units now.With the Anti Slip Grip and the Pen , there is no more sweaty palm fear from now on.

4 in 1 Laser Pen

  • This Aluminium Premium lightweight
    4 in 1 personal tool pen that comes with a Stylus Pen , Writing Pen , LED Flashlight and a Red Laser Pointer
  • A Stainless Steel Pen that comes with 4 unique functions.
  • LED Torchlight / Laser Pointer / Ball Pen / Stylus Pen
  • Features:
    • Dimension : 130 x 12 mm ( 24 g )
    • Experience :A Premium lightweight material pen where you can use the pens for premutation and meetings with the laser pointer.You can also use the pens in dark areas and brighten up in event when you need for dim areas.In addition, you can use the stylus pens onto mobile phones .
    • This Pen is produced using one of the lightest and premium metallic aluminium material that is in glossy finishing.
    • With with a pen clip for you to clip onto your pocket.
    • With its laser pointer and Torch light, you can use it for your presentation and meeting

      A lightweight pen for many to keep and use.

4 in 1 Presentation Pen

  • The latest wireless click for presentation that comes with a Mini Pen as well as laser pointer for the perfect presentation Dedicated for the perfect person
  • The Perfect Pen for Wireless Presentation
  • Page up and Down Buttons
  • Laser Pointer Button
  • Stylus Tip With Pen
  • Experience:There is no need to bring bulky and chunk wireless clickers now. You can now use your pen to do presentation efficiently and anytime you need.