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3 in 1 Bottle Solar Powerbank Charger

  • A Flexible waterbottle that comes with a solar panel on the top to power up the mini portable powerbank with its bottle.
  • Foldable Bottle / Solar Panel / 2300 Mah Powerbank
  • SOS Blinking Light / Normal Light
  • Features:
    • Weight : 220 Grams
    • Dimension : 180 x 75
    • Capacity : 700 ML
    • Material : Silicone
    • Experience : This is the best travelling tool for you to bring whilst travelling outdoors. You can now charge your devices with either the powerbank and charge the powerbank via the solar panels with th natural sunlight. With the built it LED Light, it serves as a SOS light and mini torchlight for walking , working and travelling in the dark.

5 Port Charging Station WIth Pen Holder

  • A stationary pen and Phone holder that comes with 5 USB port for your own personal use.
  • 4 Port USB
  • Features:
    • Output : 5V / 6 Amp
    • Input : 100 – 240 V
    • Material : ABS + PC
    • Experience : You can now place your pens, pencils and mobile devices onto the transparent holder whilst charging your devices. A 5 Port output that allows you to charge your mobile devices, smart gadgets and powerup your electronic items.

Integrated Flashdrive with 2600Mah Powerbank

  • A Portable lightweight powerbank that comes with a USB memory storage.
  • 8GB Flashdrive
  • 2600 Mah Powerbank
  • Features:
    • Dimension :114 x 62 x 8 mm
    • Experience : This is the best gadget to bring overseas for presentation and meetings. You can now store your files on the powerbank without the fear of losing your USB flash drive. This powerbank comes with a slot that keeps the USB firmly in its groove.

Stainless Steel Bottle with BT Speaker

  • A stainless steel tumbler which keeps your water warms and cool and comes with a strong wireless speaker for playing time up to 6 hours
  • Bluetooth V3.0
  • Features:
    • Housing :ABS + Stainless Steel
    • Speaker : 5W X 1
    • Battery : 1200 Mah
    • Volume : 500 ml
    • Playing Time : 5 Hours
    • Experience : This premium stainless tumbler is a highly durable and lasting bottle. With its 1200mah battery this wireless speaker has a stronger lasting time and louder playing sound. You can now use the bottle for travelling, hiking and outdoor activities.

Water Bottle WIth BT Speaker

  • A BPA Free Premium waterbottle that come with a wireless Bluetooth speaker at the bottom
  • Bluetooth V3.0
  • Features:
    • Housing :ABS + Tritan
    • Speaker : 3W X 1
    • Battery : 600 Mah
    • Water Volume : 650 ml
    • Charging Time : 4-5 H
    • Playing Time : 4 Hours
    • Experience : You can now bring this water bottle for outdoor and travelling purposes of sharing of music. This premium waterbottle that allows you to tag onto your bags and suitcase. You can now listen to music on your favourite phones with your favourite bottle