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Custom Toolbelt Notebook

  • A Smart toolbelt that allows you to tag your mobile devices, pens, receipts and notes onto your A5 notebook.
  • Custom A5 Leather Notebook Design
  • Elastic Stretchable Book Belt
  • Phone Pouch / Key Holder / Pen Holder / Receipts Holder
  • It is Meant for user to tag all their stuff with the notebook
  • Experience : This interchangeable toolbelt can be swap and worn onto any and new A5 notebooks with it stretchable elastic band at the bottom. This is the solution to allow to consolidate all of the loose items into the toolbelt to be worn over the book. This is the answer to empty your pockets into the toolbelt notebook, and bring the toolbelt notebook for your meetings.

Desk Charging Detachable Light

  • A Bendable detachable LED Light that comes with 10 different lighting modes and equipped with 3 USB outlets For charging purposes.
  • Detachable Lights with Eye Protection
  • 1600 Mah Internal Battery
  • 3 USB Ports for Charging ( 5 Amp )
  • Usage:Up to 6 Hours
  • Dimension:60 x 52 x 29 cm
  • Experience : A table top Desk light that comes with different lighting modes to suit from bright day light to dim night light. With the 3 USB ports, you can now charge your devices whilst powering up the lights for your work. You can even detach the light for other use as well.

Grid it Organizer

  • A hand tool that keeps your tablets and necessary tools & gadgets into an organizer hang bag.
  • Pocket Hand bag which organizes your items and tools in an organised way.
  • Has an additional Compartment for Tablets and receipts.
  • Size: 7 Inch Tablet / 11 Inches Tablet
  • Experience : You can now keep you keys, USBs, power banks, mobile devices and notebooks with this organizer. On top of it, you can also slot in your mini books and tablets into the organizer. The answer to keeping all of your items into a organizer hand bag.

Tower Power Socket With Timer

  • A self controlled timer with remote control to manipulate the power sockets
  • Independent Control Switch
  • Features:
    • USB Power Rating : 2100 Mah
    • Dimension : 16 x 16 x 27
    • Experience : You can now control the time used for the power sockets anytime you need with the remove control. With the handy top handle bar, you can carry them anywhere you want and use it whenever you like.

Tower Power Socket WIth Multiple USB

  • This handy portable tower pocket comes with a long extension power cable which allows you to place the power socket At your designated area for you to use 7 power sockets and 4 USB outlets.
  • 4 USB Outputs
  • 7 Universal Power Outlets
  • Features:
    • USB Power Rating : 5V / 4.1 A
    • Experience : A handy & portable power socket where you can carry on the top and place on your designated areas with the long power cables. You can now charge your up to 4 mobile devices and plug 7 electronic items at a single time.