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2 in 1 Bottle Opener

  • This metallic can and bottle opener is your personal tools that tags onto your keychain for your daily
  • Product Details :
    • A Lightweight Bottle & Can opener which also can be used as a Keychain
    • You can use this as a keychain to zip your bags.
    • With the metallic structure, it can open your bottles and can easily.

3 in 1 Bottle Solar Powerbank Charger

  • A Flexible waterbottle that comes with a solar panel on the top to power up the mini portable powerbank with its bottle.
  • Foldable Bottle / Solar Panel / 2300 Mah Powerbank
  • SOS Blinking Light / Normal Light
  • Features:
    • Weight : 220 Grams
    • Dimension : 180 x 75
    • Capacity : 700 ML
    • Material : Silicone
    • Experience : This is the best travelling tool for you to bring whilst travelling outdoors. You can now charge your devices with either the powerbank and charge the powerbank via the solar panels with th natural sunlight. With the built it LED Light, it serves as a SOS light and mini torchlight for walking , working and travelling in the dark.

3 in 1 Phone Holder

  • A suction operated 3 in 1 phone holder that keeps your card, coils your cable and transform into a phone stand.
  • Product Details :
    • Holds your Card / Coils your Cable / Phone Stand
    • Available in Either Suction or 3M Sticker Version
    • You do not need to worry about damanging your phone case anymore with it suction cup mechanism at the back .
    • Lightwight and slim, it is sure not to disturb and hinders your daily phone acitivities.
    • Keeps you EZ link or credit cards at the back of the phone , so you can use it whenever you need.

5 Port Charging Station WIth Pen Holder

  • A stationary pen and Phone holder that comes with 5 USB port for your own personal use.
  • 4 Port USB
  • Features:
    • Output : 5V / 6 Amp
    • Input : 100 – 240 V
    • Material : ABS + PC
    • Experience : You can now place your pens, pencils and mobile devices onto the transparent holder whilst charging your devices. A 5 Port output that allows you to charge your mobile devices, smart gadgets and powerup your electronic items.

6 in 1 Earphone Winder

  • A 6 in 1 earphone keychain that come with a measuring type, torchlight and a mini phone stand for your daily activities.
  • Product Details :
    • Cord Keeper / Earphones
    • Measuring Type ( Cm + Inches )
    • Torchlight + Phone Stand
    • Keychain Design
    • With its cord keeper bone structure in the middle, you can keep your favourite earphones or cables in the keychain
    • You can place your phone on the device as a mini phone cinema experience.
    • It ha a retractable hidden measuring tape and a torchlight for your emergeny use.
    • With its keychain hook at the back, you can now carry this whenever and wherever you are.