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3 in 1 Phone Holder

  • A suction operated 3 in 1 phone holder that keeps your card, coils your cable and transform into a phone stand.
  • Product Details :
    • Holds your Card / Coils your Cable / Phone Stand
    • Available in Either Suction or 3M Sticker Version
    • You do not need to worry about damanging your phone case anymore with it suction cup mechanism at the back .
    • Lightwight and slim, it is sure not to disturb and hinders your daily phone acitivities.
    • Keeps you EZ link or credit cards at the back of the phone , so you can use it whenever you need.

6 in 1 Earphone Winder

  • A 6 in 1 earphone keychain that come with a measuring type, torchlight and a mini phone stand for your daily activities.
  • Product Details :
    • Cord Keeper / Earphones
    • Measuring Type ( Cm + Inches )
    • Torchlight + Phone Stand
    • Keychain Design
    • With its cord keeper bone structure in the middle, you can keep your favourite earphones or cables in the keychain
    • You can place your phone on the device as a mini phone cinema experience.
    • It ha a retractable hidden measuring tape and a torchlight for your emergeny use.
    • With its keychain hook at the back, you can now carry this whenever and wherever you are.

I Ring Holder

  • Everyone has their own Iring holder at the back of the phones. Therefore we designed a portable bottle cap that allows
    Them to stack their phones onto the bottle for the best photo taking selfie experience.
  • Product Details :
    • A Highly durable Material which you can use your hand single hand and
      also uses it as a Phone Stand
    • You can hang your bottles with Your Phone
    • You can now tag your bottle as a phone holder for photo taking , video and selfie experience.

Office Block Travel Set

  • This is a mini pencil box that comes in the form of office blocks that has all you need to work on the go whilst travelling.
  • Product Details :
    • This Office Block Set takes the size of a credit Card
      • 1 Stylus
      • 1 Writing Pen
      • 1 Highlighter
      • 1 of 2 in 1 Charging Cable
      • Cm & Inches Ruler
      • This is of the most practical and unique premium gift for corporate users as they can use them in their daily office task ad actitivities.
      • With its office block , they can stack and rearrange them in their own creative unique ways.

Wall Plug Holder

  • A lightweight foldable phone stand that allows you to place your phones near the charging area without messy dangling cables
    And out of place items
  • Product Details :
    • Holds your Phone Beside the Plug
    • Prevention against dirt’s and scratches
    • You can now coil the cables with this stand and make your charing experience a neat and tidy one.
    • Charging of phones now is a tidy and easy task from now on .