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Automatic Umbrella

  • A highly durable UV umbrella that opens & close with a touch of button
  • Product Details :
    • 23 Inches Automatic Umbrella
    • 1 Easy Touch for Close & Open
    • UV Ray Protection & Durable
    • This automatic umbrella can automatically take cares of itself with its automatic opening and closing button controls.
    • With its UV coating material, it also protects the users from high UV ray against sun burns and skin issues.

Colour Changing Umbrella

  • A portable colour changing umbrella that comes with 2 unique styles of designs and changes only when in contact with water
  • Product Details :
    • Changes the Colour of the Image you want When it comes in contact with water
    • This is a unique way of branding onto your umbrella with your logo and hidden message for the users.

Reversible Umbrella

  • A Reversible umbrella that allows you to hang onto bars and protects the water from coming in when you close it.
  • Product Details :
    • A Umbrella Which allows you to close in the same way you open
    • Prevents water from seeping
    • Prevents you from getting Wet
    • You can now close the umbrellas with ease into the cars without fear of having rainwater coming into your car from now on.
    • Comes with a rounded handle bar hook, it allows you to hang onto handle bars easily.

World Smallest Umbrella

  • One of the smallest umbrella to date that protects you from UV , rain with its strong body structure.
  • Product Details :
    • UV Ray Protection / Aluminium Bone Structure
    • Size of an Iphone When Closed
    • This umbrella measures up to the size of your phone and allows you to slot into your pockets and the size of your bags whenever you keep it .
    • With its 190T pongee material, it can protects from your rains and UV rays and even smooth stones coming from the top.