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3 Ply Foldable Cutting Board

  • Product Details :
    • A Washable Foldable Cutting Board Ready to slide your food easily into the Pan.
    • Comes in different variety of colours.
    • Multifunctional Folding Cutting Board Chopping board.
    • Allows you to grip firmly

Chop Board Box

  • Chopping Block storage box design rectangle Cutting green plastic block 30*20*4cm.
  • Food-grade plastic production, double layer design,   creative life, convenient and practical, for family, fall in love with the kitchen. To help you clean the kitchen.
  • Unique Non Slip Design.
  • Easily Slide Drawer, and used to hold food.
  • The drawer can be completely removed , food can put into the pot directly.

Chop Wash Slide

  • Product Details :
    • Chop it On its Flat Unfolded Surface
    • Fold it to Wash the Food with the Drainage Bottom
    • Slide it on its angled corner
    • Allows to chop it on the flat surface
    • Allows it to fold it to wash the food with the drainage bottom.
    • Easy to use and great for making salads and etc.

Flexi Heat Mat

  • Product Details :
    • A Foldable , Washable and Reusable Heat Mat
    • Hold hot stuff and foods with no issues
    • Anti Slip Bottom Base

Food Steam Spinner

  • Product Details :
    • An expandable Food Steam which allows you to put your food inside the Spinner
    • Allows you to wash and steam your food in the basket
    • cooking microwave silicone food steamer-plastic kitchen folding steamer basket-collapsible vegetable steamer.
    • An expendable food steam which allows you put your food inside the spinner
    • Able to fit in most of the pots.