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3 Ply Foldable Cutting Board

  • Product Details :
    • A Washable Foldable Cutting Board Ready to slide your food easily into the Pan.
    • Comes in different variety of colours.
    • Multifunctional Folding Cutting Board Chopping board.
    • Allows you to grip firmly

7 Days Pill Water Bottle

  • A 20 Ounces Water bottle that comes with a 7 Day capsule compartment
  • Detachable capsule slot for easy washing and keeping.
  • Daily pill Box organizer on a weekly basis
  • Easy sliding out mechanism to retrieve the capsule compartment.
  • You can now take your medication and supplements without worrying on a daily basis and worrying about finding water to get along with.

A5 Book Bottle

  • modern clear water bottle, best for job, sports, travel, school, leak proof.
  • A5 paper Size
  • Wide Mouth Opening to allow easy and quick drinking of water.
  • Capacity :420ml
  • Made from a durable, BPA-free plastic, the A5 note book bottle is a long life re-usable bottle designed to assist in reducing the number of disposable plastic water bottles that are having a devastating effect on our environment, whilst improving life efficiency and convenience.

Aluminum Vacuum Flask

  • This portable lightweight aluminium flask keeps your drinks warm and cool with its great aesthetics designs.
  • Features:
    • 1 Touch Easy Swing Button
    • Keep Temperature consistent up to 7 Hours
    • Operating Temp : -30 to 120 Deg. Cel.
    • Stainless Steel Material
    • It uses a 1 touch easy soing button that opens up the flask easily for you to drink.
    • Comes with a groove for you to pour hot water out from the flask for mixers.
    • Great for mothers who wants to keep water warm for their kids when going out.

Anti Slip Coffee Mug

  • This coffee mug comes with a strong suction base at the bottom to prevent it from spilling and falling when comes with knocks .
  • Features:
    • Able to Keep Hot Water Up to 110 Deg.
    • Suction Anti Slip Base For Prevention of Water Spills
    • You can now place your coffee flask and mugs with this anti fall coffee mug without worrying about spilling in tight areas.
    • A strong suction base at the bottom that protects your drinks from falls and spills.