Custom Shape Promotional Products

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Custom Shape USB

  • Transform Your Product, Image, Logo or Idea into a Custom Shape USB
  • 2D or 3D Design Options with Different Customization Methods
  • 100% High Grade Silicone Material

Custom Shape Bottle opener

  • 2D High Quality Grade Bottle Opener
  • Cheap and Cost Effect Promotional Gift

Custom Shape Measuring Tape

  • Retractable Measuring Tape that comes in the form on a Custom Shape Product or Logo
  • Custom Shape 2D Design

Custom Shape Phone Holder

  • High grade Silicone Material For Long Lasting Durability
  • We design the groove to transform your Logo or product into a Phone Holder
  • Phone Holder , Tablet Holder and Smart Holder

Custom Shape Phone Ring Holder

  • Custom Shape Silicone 3M Sticker Phone Holder
  • Customize your Image into a 2D Version into a Custom Shape Ring Holder