Custom Shape Gadgets

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3 in 1 Custom Shape Charging Cable

  • A Custom Shape 3D or 2D Charging Cable
  • Allows your Product to be replicated into a 3D Custom Shape Form
  • Transform your Logo into a 2D Charging Cable
  • Suitable for all the Phones from Apple , Type C and Micro USB

3 in 1 Custom Shape Speaker Hub and Phone Holder


  • 3 Unique Functions in 1 Product
  • Phone Holder and Stand
  • Wireless Bluetooth Speaker
  • USB Hub for Charging and Data Synchronization
  • A All in 1 Multifunction Office Tool that is the prefect items
    for all office users

Custom Shape Earbuds

Product description:

  • A unique way to make a statement, these custom earbuds can be designed in any shape to fit your theme. An interesting idea for creating a promotional accessory that can be used for music listening while acting like fashion jewelry. Animals, nature, flags or business logos, just about any promotion can work with these custom earbuds. The custom molded PVC shapes at the end of the earpiece include a four color imprint. Whether you choose a classic shape and decorate it with a colorful logo or an elaborate design with a simple text, these earbuds will absolutely be noticed. Includes 3.5 mm plug. Please allow a 12 week lead time. Feel free to give us a call to receive additional information.

Custom Shape Powerbank

  • 3D Custom Shape Product , Vehicle or item Powerbank
  • Comes in 2600 / 4000 and 5000Mah Powerbank Capacity
  • 2D Flat Custom Shape Image or Logo Powerbank
  • Dimensions are determine by your Logo or Product
  • High Silicone Grade Material For Strong Durability

Custom Shape USB Hub

  • 2 USBs Port for 3D Custom Shape USB Hub
  • 3 USB Ports for 2D Custom Shape USB Hub
  • Used for Charging and Data Synchornization
  • One of the Best cost effective Promotional Gift to Office Users