Custom Shape Gadgets

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3 in 1 Custom Shape Charging Cable

  • A Custom Shape 3D or 2D Charging Cable
  • Allows your Product to be replicated into a 3D Custom Shape Form
  • Transform your Logo into a 2D Charging Cable
  • Suitable for all the Phones from Apple , Type C and Micro USB

3 in 1 Custom Shape Speaker Hub and Phone Holder


  • 3 Unique Functions in 1 Product
  • Phone Holder and Stand
  • Wireless Bluetooth Speaker
  • USB Hub for Charging and Data Synchronization
  • A All in 1 Multifunction Office Tool that is the prefect items
    for all office users

Custom Shape Earbuds

  • Transform your Logo or Text into a Earbuds
  • Comes with a transparent Cylinder for the prefect packaging as promotional Gift
  • 3.5 MM Earphone Jack

Custom Shape Powerbank

  • 3D Custom Shape Product , Vehicle or item Powerbank
  • Comes in 2600 / 4000 and 5000Mah Powerbank Capacity
  • 2D Flat Custom Shape Image or Logo Powerbank
  • Dimensions are determine by your Logo or Product
  • High Silicone Grade Material For Strong Durability

Custom Shape USB Hub

  • 2 USBs Port for 3D Custom Shape USB Hub
  • 3 USB Ports for 2D Custom Shape USB Hub
  • Used for Charging and Data Synchornization
  • One of the Best cost effective Promotional Gift to Office Users