massager 1
massager 2

4 Interchangeable Massager Heads

There are 4 different uniquely different massager heads where you can use for different massage points .
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massager 4
massager 5

Ionized Aluminium Alloy Material

Designed with class and engineered for precision. You can bring this mini massager gun which uplifts and bring your class to a level higher .
massager 6

Customized your own massager experience

4 Different Speed Controls

massager 7

4 Massager Heads

massager 8

16 Different massagers

massager 9
massager 10
massager 11

Deep Muscle Massage

It can penetrate and massage up to 10mm of deep muscle tissue with its strong speed control.

Light Simply Massage

You can configure your light massage speed and use it for the seniors .
massager 6


  • Speed

    3200 RPM that can penetrate to 10MM
    deep muscle tissue . 4 Speed Controls

  • Battery

    2200MAH with up to 6 Hours usage time

  • Weight

    790 Gram Aviation Grade Aluminium Alloy

  • Charging Port

    Type C Charging Port

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