What you need to know about Corporate Gift

Characteristics of a Corporate Gift

We breakdown the 4 key main factors that you should evaluate when selecting a corporate gift.

1. Price  &  Value

2. Usefulness of the item

3. Durability  &  Lifespan

4. ROI

Purpose of a Corporate Gift

Incentive ->  To reward and further engage the recipient of its action with a corporate gift.

Motivate ->  To encourage and get the person going towards it goal with a form of a gift or product.

Corporate Gifts in Short

Digital Engagement Gifts

Registration  Gifts ->  Claim a promotional Gift during registration for virtual event ->  Promotional Gift

Participation ->  An branded gift that rewards the level of engagement and participation during Q & A ->  Normal Gift

Appointment & Consultation ->  a Premium  Gift for Client that sets up a meeting with the sales team ->  Premium Gift

Types of Gift

  • Promotional Giveaways -> Mass giveaways to Public 
  • Premium Gifts -> For VIPs / High Valued Clients
  • Events Gifts -> Door Gift ( Internal & External )

What should I take note when selecting Corporate Gift ?

  • Cross Cultural -> Understanding the individual religion and country cultural practices
  • Shipping Restriction -> Take note of battery when doing international shipment
  • Conflict of Interest - > Ensure no conflict of product with sponsors and partners
  • Colors -> Company branding colors guidelines
  • Size -> To take in consideration the feasibility of storage and shipping
  • Regulations -> The country legal regulations on the prohibited items
  • Allergies -> Avoid food for underlying health conditions and preferences
  • Perishable -> The unknown date how long you want to store before it become rot
  • Industry Practices -> What the companies in the similar industry are doing
  • Sociographic -> The common products associated with the customer lifestyle & interest
  • Perishable -> The unknown date how long you want to store before it become rot

How can I find the right corporate Gift ?


Understand your customer demographics and psychographic.


Find the common products that are commonly used in your industry


Do a quick research what are the trending or popular items in the market


Understand what you aim to achieve with the corporate gift


A Good Grasp of your budget and quantity for your corporate gifts.

What type of Corporate Gift is Suitable
for the right Occasion ?

We breakdown the different classification and context of a corporate gift that a recipient would classify and segregate.
  • Practical & Usefulness -> Usually classified for events.
  • Innovation & Uniqueness -> Usually Impress client during the moment.
  • High Context Gifts -> Used to explain the valued behind the product in relation to the brand
  • Continual Collectible Series Gifts -> allow the clients to collect the gifts and engage in a series of gifts
  • Aesthetics Appealing -> To catch the 1st impression and wow them at first sight

When should I give a Corporate Gift ?

  • Lead Generation Programs: To massively outreach to a wider audience
  • Brand Loyalty Perks: To reward  returning loyal customers
  • Top Performers: To recognize and motivate fellow recipients
  • Sign up Programs: To encourage signups with gifts
  • Milestone Events: To celebrate and commemorate significant dates and events
  • Product Launches: Invite Press with Kit and incentive people to witness launches

Are you ready to engage Your Customers ?

Top Corporate Gift Selections








Lifestyle Products


How much is a Corporate Gift ?


The recommendation price range for promotional mass giveaways.

$2 - $20

The Median Price of a corporate Gift for customers


A  Larger price set for premium gift For VIP clients

How should I plan for Corporate Gift ?

The budget allocation would ultimately depend on your fiscal position and the objectives that you want to  achieve on your campaign or event. However we have layout a recommended framework that you can adopt for a health ROI from the amount invested on corporate gift.


Fun Facts about Corporate Gifts


The average price of a corporate
Gift with logo branded


The time where they will remember
Your brand and message


The recommended budget for corporate gifting
to achieve ROI with
different clienteles