How to find the Right promotional Gift For your Company

A Lot of Marketing Executives always have problems find either the right premiums or the perfect marketing collaterals for their companies tailored for their customers.
They are always pegged with the problem of budget and timeline. It is critical to purchase the perfect gift and also adhering to the budget . As a rule of thumb , always start planning for your premiums and gifts 2 to 3 months for adequate planning and time buffering. We have craft out a good timeline for your planning .

Rough Plan for a Stretch Out Timeline for Planning out Gifts & Premiums

Gifts Proposal : 1 to 2 Weeks

Artwork Mock up : 1 Week

Sample Prototype : 2 Weeks

Mass Production : 4 to 5 Weeks

Buffering : 1 to 2 Weeks.

However if you know exactly what exactly of gift that you need and the customisation details , you will have the luxury of time and have a shorter timeline to produce the items. Up next is the budget set out for the gifts of your company. How much is the perfect budget that 1 company should cut out for prepare for its marketing collaterals and gifts ? It should depends on how much of an impression that the company wants to make and carve out for their customers ? The lesser they spend , the minimal the impression it leaves. The More they spend, it leaves a higher impression and also allows the sales personnel to make a better entry and opportunity to make the sales towards the prospect and customer.

We have categories the different prices of gifts that should be planned out base on the different categories of your clients

Category Budget Clients Gifts Type
Cat A > $100 VVIPs / CEOs High Net Worth Clients Branded
Merchandise / New Technology Gadgets      
Cat B $50 – $100 VIPs / GM / CEOs / C Level Technology Gadgets /
Premiums / Electronic Items      
Cat C $30 – $50 GM / Procurement / White Collar / Directors Innovative Premiums /
Travel Essentials / Lifestyle items      
Cat D $10 – $30 General Audience / Managers / White Collar / Sales Lifestyle Items / Desk Bound
items / Travel Gadgets / Practical Gifts      
Cat E <$5 Wide Audience / General Public Promotional Items /
stationaries / Novelties      

The price scale and chart above is a rough abbreviation on how much you should spend as well as the type of Gifts & recipents you should planned out. A Healthy budget to set out that can achieve a deep impression would be at Cat D where you can have a wide spread of gifts as well as targeting a more general crowd as well as the white collar people. With the right budget and adequate planning, you can now start to plan your marketing budget as well as forecasting the timeline for your events and other marketing activities.