Door Gift Singapore

Corporate door gifts are gifts that you give people in a particular event, conference, wedding, etc. It can also buy it for rewarding people for their good performance at work or to show appreciation for coming to the event. Corporate gifts don’t have to be special or expensive. It doesn’t have to be heavy either. Corporate door gifts can be as simple as a pen, USB, etc. A low-cost promotional product is products that are so affordable like $1 or $2 that everybody can afford. It is also ideal for buyers who want to buy a corporate gift but have a very limited budget.


Door Gifts Singapore

Why is Door gifts important?

Door gifts are important because they will make an impact on the customer, its also a way to send a caring message to them. Door gifts are a good starter for a great or casual conversation. Door gifts show that you have a caring personality. It also shows that you care for your employees and your company. Door gifts have become a trend because it plays a big role in your small/big company. Giving door gifts will have an opportunity for you to become a successful individual in the future. It will also have a chance to let you connect with other people.

What are the best door gifts ideas in Singapore?

The best door gifts ideas are thumb drive, travel adaptor, business card, luggage tag, pen, power bank, etc. All these are very affordable and best suited for door gifts. To choose the right door gifts ideas depends on who you are planning to give and for what event. For example, if you are going to attend a business event, a business card can be one of your door gifts ideas. The reason being, a business card is an essential item for working people. you can even customize your door gifts with your company logo, company tag line, etc. here at iwantcustomgift for more creativity and fun.


Is Door Gifts good and appealing to customers in events?

Absolutely yes. even through door gifts are very affordable, they can be useful in many ways, it is practical and can also look appealing to customers. For example, our credit card OTG USB. It is an OTG USB that is shaped like a credit card so you don’t have to worry about losing it. It also saves space and you can also put it in your wallet or pocket. It is designed to be lightweight and portable. You can easily bring it on the go without any hassle. another perfect example would be our anti-lost rounded device. A lot of our customers are interested in this product as a door gift as it is a multifunctional product. It can be used for anti-lost alarm, GPS tracker and even as a remote control self-portrait.

Corporate Door Gifts

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The good examples of door gifts are:

  1. Foldable shopping bag. Our shopping bag is not just any shopping bag but it is designed to be foldable to save space. It can use for many purposes like traveling, shopping, going to the beach, picnic, gym, etc.
  2. 4 in 1 light up phone holder pen. This pen consists of a stylus pen, LED flashlight, phone holder and standard ballpoint pen. This product makes our day to day life so much easier.
  3. Light up logo 3 in 1 charging cable. I save the best for the last. The reason being, it is our most popular and hot selling for door gift. You can customised your logo and your logo will light up when you charge your phone. This cable has 3 charging output. Type C, Micro USB and Apple perfect for all users.

A good door gift must have multifunctional use, practical or a creative product.

Because it is a good alternative way to show appreciation to people. It also helps to improve the company image to be better and it helps to improve company sales.

  1. Lightup logo wireless charging pad. It is a wireless charging pad with your light up logo. It is so lightweight and portable.
  2. Press swing aluminum flask. Our flask is not just a normal flask. It can keep your beverage warm or cold for up to 6-8hours and it is designed to be leak-free so you don’t have to worry about leaking.
  3. Custom handheld organizer. It is a multifunctional use as it can keep a lot of your things inside like a handphone, credit card, money, USB, charging cable, post-it pad, etc.