With the new year starting and the need of having to go back to the office to work, what better timing would it be to not gift your clients a useful and practical gift that they would not want to miss out on? This gift would be a great help to your clients with their
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It is the start of a new year and a new start so what better way to start 2021 other then looking forward to the Chinese New Year celebration? I know many of us may not be celebrating it this year due to the pandemic we have faced the previous year however, this will not
With 2020 ending in less than 3 days, let us go down memory lane of what happened this year shall we? The start of 2020 was just like any other year and we thought all will be the same, we would continue to go to work or school and continue this cycle till the new
Wanting to plan a corporate event but not sure how? Well, let us share with you 10 of the best virtual event ideas you should have during this season! As many of you may know, 2020 is the year where many things had to change, especially the part where social gatherings are cut to a