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What is a Corporate Gift External / Internal Corporate gift As we know in the corporate world , a corporate gift is a product or an item that is branded with a company logo and packed for an individual or designated for an event.  In this article, iwantcustomgift shows and explains in laymen terms and
The usual way of bargaining the price with your suppliers In your usual supermarkets, you will always hear the voices of people bargaining their groceries shopping with their vendors and merchants. Many people would go beyond limits to ask for discounts and engage in different techniques just to save dollars from the total bills. You
Festive Client Ideas
Impressing Your Client with a Festive Gift Your Client has received many different types of gifts on each and individual different occasion.  But how hard is it to impress your client with your gift and even to give it during the festive season. In today’s article, we show you 4 different techniques and ways which
How Corporate Gift is used as a marketing tool and a promotional Gift Many Companies are planning their budget and forecasting a portion for their corporate gifts as their company marketing budget.  They see the returns and benefits in corporate gifts for the companies which in return generate leads and retain customers for the company
How can I choose the right powerbank as the right corporate gift? With a Wide Range of Powerbanks and different suppliers as options for you to choose from your corporate gift , it makes your job difficult. There are a lot of factors that you would need to consider before customizing the right powerbank with