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usb corporate gift
USB thumb drive makes a good corporate gift because of its size and function. We live in a technology driven world and needed a lot of storage space for media files. Giving a USB thumb drive as a corporate gift can impress upon the client that your brand is aligns with the times. Size is
A customised travel adaptor or universal plug is a popular corporate gift in Singapore. It is functional, cost-effective and provides a lasting brand image if you chose the right one. As traveling to other countries for work or personal has become a norm, it is often a door gift for roadshow or events. We have
Depending on the occasion, it might be a good idea to pick power bank as your corporate gift. We carry and use our phone every day, so why not put your brand on a Power bank and gifted it to your clients. There are many varieties of power banks in the market, but how to
How Does a Corporate Gift Improve Productivity It allows them to organize and sorts their personal Stuff Allows the corporate clients to use it for personal and Work-related errands It must be handy, portable and useful to be carry around Your Corporate Clients will carry your Corporate Gift around for work and travel Perfect Business