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2019 Product Innovation Excellence Award Our own in House Design Leather Wireless Smart Mousepad is the winner for 2019 PIE awards iwantCUSTOMGIFT inject innovation and creativity in its corporate gifts for users Functionality, Practicality, and Innovation are key values in a Good Corporate Gift Leather Mousepad This is our entire portfolio of our Mousepad and
Girl with travel bag
Introduction Bags must be small and Light for customer to use They must be waterproof and durable to use in the long run Able to organiser and keep their items intact Digital Organiser Pouches and Bags Organiser Your Cables, Phones, Keys, Coins and Money Keep your stuff and items in a systematically manner Light, Waterproof
Introduction Bags is a  Corporate Gift that you never go wrong Users will find the bags to be useful, practical and essential Users can use the bag for their day to day commute and Travel Trips There is no lifespan, issues, and problems on the Bags that you need to worry Smart Anti Theft Backpack
Introduction Powerbanks can good Gifts as it saves the users phone Gives them extra battery and power boast to their phones Allows them to use the corporate gift as an essential door gift A Good Corporate Gift that they can use and share amongst their friends and families Wireless Powerbanks  An Advanced and Futuristic Powerbank