Can Corporate Gifts be Used for Promotion?

In the world of business, there is a seemingly never-ending stream of promotional strategies you can use. One that is sometimes overlooked is corporate gifts. In this article, we look at the importance of corporate gifts, and how you could use them to your advantage.

Sam Stevens | 21 July 2021

Corporate Gifts - What are they all about?

First, let’s delve into what corporate gifts are. These are presents that you will purchase and give to various entities. It is common for businesses to give corporate gifts to suppliers, retailers, and other businesses with who they cooperate.


The variety of gifts can range widely. Many businesses buy simple gifts containing their brandings such as stationery and mugs. Others may opt to buy more expensive gifts. Some businesses even go to the lengths of taking people out to business meals or on team-building exercises. It’s an in-depth area of marketing and businesses that has a whole host of nuances.

How to Use Corporate Gifts for Promotion?

So how do you use corporate gifts to promote your company? We have listed four simple things that should help below:

1. Make sure gifts include company branding

The main promotional benefit of corporate gifts is that they can include your branding. That is really the main point of corporate gift-giving – to reinforce your brand. As a result, any corporate gifts you commission should include as much branding as possible.

As a minimum, they should include your company logo. You can use tools like to produce professional logos. Also, it should include your company colors, fonts, and any slogans or phrases associated with your company. Canva is another useful tool that can be used to create effective branding. Common branded gifts include stationery, mugs, mice mats, and calendars, for example.

2. Create new gifts in correlation with new product releases

One of the most effective promotional uses of gifts is during a new product release. You could create new sets of branded gifts that include imagery or details of your new product, for example. The gifts could then be distributed to suppliers who help create the product and retailers who are selling the product on your behalf.

3. Consider the timing of corporate gifts

Timing is one of the most important aspects of corporate gift giving. If you time your gift-giving right, the effect is magnified and it can really boost your promotion. For example, let’s say that you are considering brokering a new deal with a supplier, or your contract with them will be up for renewal. 

Strategic gift-giving before these events could help bolster your relationship and lead to easier negotiations. It is important to be careful with the timing also. You do not want it to appear forced, or that you are purposefully giving gifts to improve your situation.

4. To boost the morale of your employees

Lastly, there is a less tangible benefit to corporate gifts. Many businesses give corporate gifts to their employees. These could be things like calendars, stationery, or even clothing. Gifts given to employees can help boost the morale of your workforce. You are showing them that they are valuable assets and that they matter. What better promotion could there be for the reputation of your business than a happy and valued workforce?

As you can see, corporate gifts can be highly effective. If you have a host of other businesses that you deal with regularly, consider using branded corporate gifts to your advantage. The main point is that your gifts should include branding elements like your logo and colors – this makes them stand out, and gives the recipient a constant reminder that you exist!

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