Award Winning Corporate & Door Gifts “Smart Leather Mousepad”

2019 Product Innovation Excellence Award

  • Our own in House Design Leather Wireless Smart Mousepad is the winner for 2019 PIE awards
  • iwantCUSTOMGIFT inject innovation and creativity in its corporate gifts for users
  • Functionality, Practicality, and Innovation are key values in a Good Corporate Gift

Leather Mousepad

  • This is our entire portfolio of our Mousepad and has a full range of options
  • They can Wireless charge, place your items and do multiple tasks
  • You can deboss your logo and brand onto this Corporate Gifts

Our Award Winning “ Smart Leather Wireless Mousepad with USB Hub“

  • Light up Acrylic Logo on Leather Mousepad
  • Inbuilt USB Hub for dongle
  • Mousepad features
  • Pen Holder
  • Wireless Charger for new phones
  • USB Port for old phones to charge with cables

This Corporate Gift has Advance Futuristic Features

  • You can simply place your phone and wireless charge it
  • No more debossing of logo onto a mousepad
  • You can work with the Mousepad with its USB Hub capabilities

Singaporeans want Practical and multifunction Features in This Corporate Gift

  • Charge their phone on the go
  • Durable clip to ensure the bag doesn’t break easily
  • Waterproof, Light and doesn’t hinder your walking movement.

This Corporate Gift Solves the Problems of the User

  • No more stretching of low and dark places to plug in USB
  • You can now charge and plug in your USB over here.
  • User can rotate 90 degrees to use it Portrait or Landscape manner.
  • They can see the Phone instant notifications while charging


  • This Leather Mousepad can wireless charge and USB Cable Charge for all the phones
  • The Logo lights up beautifully on Leather Mousepad
  • They can plug in their USB Dongle and Flashdrive with this mousepad
  • They can now place their Keys, Coins, and Pens with this Smart Innovative award-winning corporate gift